Coalition for Vaccination's flu campaign

The Coalition for Vaccination launches an online advocacy campaign on influenza vaccination. All members of the Coalition for Vaccination are invited to promote and disseminate the campaign materials including videos, images and example tweets and posts via social media. It is crucial that healthcare professionals get vaccinated as influenza and COVID-19 coincide. Click on Read more to access the Social Media Toolkit links. 

Find below the communication toolkit including videos, images and example tweets and posts.


Images and GIFs

Click on the images below or download the new flu campaign materials here



View and share the videos below or access through the link

Messages to be shared with the images, GIFs and videos

Example 1: #Vaccinating risk groups is the best protection against #flu. Protect the vulnerable, protect the community!

Example 2: By #vaccinating ourselves against #flu, we protect others, especially risk groups. #Vaccination should be regarded as a social responsibility.

Example 3: #Flu season is coming! Let’s make sure that this time we are protected by #vaccination.

Example 4: #COVID19 is putting strong pressure on our healthcare systems. By getting vaccinated against #Flu, keeping physical distance, washing your hands and isolating when feeling ill, you can make a vital difference to help protecting our communities.

Example 5: Protecting the vulnerable groups in our society is now more important than ever. Be the #VaccinationHeroes of your community by vaccinating yourselves against #Flu and encouraging your at-risk patients to get vaccinated. Your commitment matters!

Example 6: This #Flu season facts matter more than ever. Healthcare professionals have a vital role to play in providing credible and reliable information on vaccinations while discussing possible questions patients may have. Your initiative matters!