The Coalition for Vaccination, convened by the European Commission, brings together European associations of healthcare professionals and relevant students’ associations in the field, as well as associated professional organisations working in the field of public health and immunisation.

We underline three key reasons why all healthcare professionals should get vaccinated against COVID-19 when they have the opportunity to do so and why they should help promote the vaccination against COVID-19 among the general public. Their health is paramount for the functioning of the health systems, even more so in times of crisis.


1. You protect yourself from illness and possible severe or life-threatening complications

As a healthcare professional, you are at greater risk of contracting COVID-19 as you have more exposure to it. Vaccination is your best option to prevent you and your colleagues from contracting the illness and possible severe or life-threatening complications. Moreover, you, for many people, are the main trusted source of advice and information on COVID-19 vaccination.

It is our professional responsibility to protect those we are caring for by encouraging them to get vaccinated. Many of your patients and family members may have underlying health conditions that put them at risk of suffering from a severe form of COVID-19 if they contract it.

2. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective

The safety and effectiveness of all authorised vaccines have been studied thoroughly in large, controlled and randomised clinical trials before their approval. These scientific evaluations show that the benefits of the authorised vaccines are, in terms of protecting people against diseases, much greater than any potential risks. Moreover, the safety aspects of COVID-19 vaccines are closely monitored through the EU Pharmacovigilance System and any safety concerns will be promptly known to the public, and dealt with.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA) statement for healthcare professionals provide more information on the development, evaluation, approval and monitoring of the COVID-19 vaccines and how they are regulated for safety and effectiveness.

3. You help safeguard healthcare capacity

Healthcare services have been under enormous strain for a very long time and the coronavirus has already taken a very high toll on healthcare staff. The COVID-19 vaccine can help alleviate that pressure by ensuring that you and your colleagues have greater immunity, are less likely to catch the virus and are therefore will be able to continue providing key services to your patients.

We call on you to accept a COVID-19 vaccination when it is offered to you and encourage your patients to do the same.